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Residential Chain Link

residential chain link

Chain link fence comes in vinyl coated and galvanized, tall and short, commercial and residential.  Beyond that it is difficult to distinguish between them.  The fact is, however, there can be a lot of differences between chain link fences that do look alike.  These differences are visible to the fence professional right away, and they will be visible to everyone over time.

What are these differences, you ask?  Primarily, they fall into several categories: 

  • how much steel is actually in your fence
  • the kind of protective coating that is used to prevent rust
  • how deep into the ground the posts and concrete go
  • what kind of ties are used to fasten the fabric to the framework
  • the skills of your installer and the supervision of the contractor

C & C Fence Company have the knowledge, resources, and professionals to help you choose the right fence.

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