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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What types of residential fence do you sell?

A: C&C Fence sells chain-link, vinyl coated chain-link, wood, vinyl, ornamental aluminum,
ornamental steel, and more.


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Q: Can I buy materials only and DO-IT-YOURSELF (DIY)?

A: Yes, but be aware of the styles and benefits of the various materials. There are different types of chain-link fence materials as well as wood and ornamental fence. Chain link fence materials come in galvanized steel, vinyl, and aluminized. Wood Privacy Fence can be constructed from several types and grades of lumber. Ornamental Fence can be constructed from aluminum or steel. If you want to Do- It- Yourself, give Lady Fencer a call. Lady Fencer can help you purchase the right type and quantity of materials for your specific needs.

Q: How can I be sure my installed fence is as nice as the samples I look at?

A: Be certain your written contract contains the specifications of the materials that your
contractor intends to use. If lumber is to be used, your contract should specify the type and
grade of wood. If a metal fence is your selection, the gauge of fabric and size of posts should be
specified. The number of gates, size of gates, maximum spacing of posts and if concrete or
other stabilizing materials are needed should be specified. What you see may not be what you
get, so always check references before signing a contract. When your fence installation is
complete, compare the samples to the materials actually installed.
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Q: Do you have a maintenance-free fence?

A: Yes. Most fences are maintenance free. Chain-link and prefabricated ornamental steel and aluminum are completely maintenance free. Vinyl fences may require periodic cleaning with a light bleach solution. Wood fences require periodic staining if you want to reduce warping. Pressure treated pine available today is usually imported from Brazil. This wood has larger growth rings than true Southern Yellow Pine, resulting in more problems with warping. True
ornamental iron requires a lot of maintenance if the original paint job is not performed properly.

Q: Do you give free estimates?

A: Yes. C&C Fence gives free estimates on new fence installation.
Insurance repair estimates are subject to an estimate fee, which are applied to work if we
are awarded the contract.
C & C Fence Company written warranty

Q: Will I receive a warranty on my fence?

A: Yes. C&C Fence stands behind all of our labor for one year, plus there is a manufacturer's warranty on the materials.

Chain-Link – 15 years against failure resulting from rust or corrosion in normal

Wood– limited lifetime against insect and decay

Vinyl – lifetime warranty against cracking or fading

Ornamental Aluminum – lifetime warranty against cracking, chipping or peeling

Ornamental Steel – limited 10-year warranty against cracking, peeling, chipping,
blistering, or corroding.


Q: What are the basic fence materials?

A: Basic fence materials for residential use include tubular iron in square or round shapes, steel
wire with steel or wood frames, wood for panel and rail fences, aluminum fence available with
wire mesh, panel or glass insert, and vinyl.


Q: How many styles of fences are available?

A: There are many different styles of fences and they are called different names depending on the companies you talk to and the areas in which you live:

Aluminum Fences can look much like the old wrought iron fences (which are still available). Both aluminum and wrought iron are often ornamental by design.

Vinyl Fences come in many of the same styles as wood fences. This product is easy to maintain.

Wood Fences come in a variety of styles, such as stockade, board on board, shadow box, picket and split rail. Fences can also be cut in arches or scallops.

Chain-link Fences can be vinyl coated or galvanized, and can have plastic slats or wind screen added for more privacy.



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